my favorite shirt

This Brooks Brothers sleeveless non-iron shirt is the most worn thing in my closet hands down, because of its practicality and versatility. I credit my mom with showing me how great this shirt is, and she credits Oprah, so you know it’s gotta be good.

If you take this shirt out of the dryer once its done (and don’t totally forget about your laundry for 3 days) then it is actually perfectly crisp and really is non-iron!

The reason that the sleeveless variation is my absolute favorite (in addition to being made for summer weather) is because it is perfect for layering. I always love the look of a crisp button down under a sweater, but hate feeling like my arms are being constricted by too many layers. This sleeveless version solves that problem because under your sweater it looks just the same as a normal button down but you avoid the bulky arms! So, if I am looking to do some major layering (see below) this Brooks Brothers shirt is definitely my go to.


I know the price of this shirt probably seems high, but it will last you forever! Also, Brooks Brothers normally has deals if you buy 3 shirts you get a percentage off. I buy 1 and make my boyfriend buy 2 so that we can get the deal!

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